Office Design: 15 Cheap ways to make your office look Expensive

It’s rare to find an office that motivates employees through creative interior design unless you work at a unique company. Many companies shy away from office design at the thought that it’s expensive. To debunk this, this piece will expose cheap ways to make your office look expensive.

Sadly, most offices feature bare walls, subpar furniture, and inconvenient fluorescent lighting. This does not imply, however, that we must continue to work in such a dull environment.

Find out how to make any workspace—an executive suite or a corner in your living room—somewhere you’ll want to spend time so that work doesn’t feel like work by reading on.

Use functional design.

Before focusing on the specifics of your office design, you should create a functional workspace. Start with excellent working functionality, considering various working styles and office needs. For example, a counter-height desk allows for standing while working, which some people prefer. 

Others prefer to spread out and have plenty of space to avoid being surrounded by piles of objects. Another person might favor an L-shaped desk that allows them to switch between two workstations or display two screens simultaneously.

Add a Couple of Surprises

minimal design to make office look expensive

Your work environment should reflect who you are. Making your space your own can help you stay motivated and get through the day. Add some retro accents, a chic accessory, a collectible, or something made by hand. 

Hang artwork and arrange your favorite flowers and objects. The environment you are in influences your mood and performance. When done well, incorporating these accents into your office design can lift the spirit, inject some humor, and express your personality and passions.

It’s also an incredibly cheap way to make your office look expensive.

Place Comfort First

We know that sitting for long periods is terrible for our bodies, mainly if we are seated in an uncomfortably tilted or otherwise unsupportive chair. So invest in a reliable office chair that promotes good posture, and keep the design in mind when selecting your chair. It can appear from behind a simple wood desk or even act as the center of attention in your office.

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Customize your lighting

The feeling of being exhausted and sleepy is a result of poor lighting. Introduce new lighting for an energy boost if traditional fluorescent office lighting feels less welcoming. To create a luxurious atmosphere, try adding a practical and fashionable lamp. We advise including two different types of lighting. 

For example, a pendant light is a great way to add ambient light after using table lamps for close-up work to warm up the atmosphere of a desk. Our goal is to achieve balance.

Keep clutter to a minimum.

Although it’s not the most glamorous solution, organizing and cleaning your workspace is the simplest way to enhance its appearance. What’s more, it’s free. The room looks much better when papers and files are put away at the end of the day. If they are left out, the area quickly becomes overwhelming. Make sure everything has a place, and organization will be the order of the day.

Use plants to spice up office decor.

The placement of interior plants can transform your familiar working environment into something alive and breathing, which is one way to make your office look fantastic.

Plants are inexpensive and give an office a sense of life. They can be moved but still, have enough weight to divide the space. Remember to water them.

Interior plants add beauty to your workplace and are good for your health overall. They provide a visually soothing experience that makes you happier and healthier in the long run. Well, one of the most crucial things is to make it look natural. Try arranging your plants randomly, so they appear natural rather than rigid or uniform.

Personalize Your Storage

Producing space for storage is essential for keeping your team organized, much like having an effective workspace. Creating storage specifically for your needs aids in keeping clutter out of the workspace. 

First, determine what you need quick access to, then use your storage to its full potential so that everything has a place. For practically every need, including those for files, yarn, and books, we advise building custom storage so that everything has a home.

Use unique and bold furniture.

Bold and cheap ways to make your office look expensive

It’s easy to differentiate yourself from others by using daring office furnishings, but this doesn’t always entail stuffing your conference room with tacky beanbags. If you want to draw attention, give the table a bold statement color, or if you want to keep it timeless and strictly professional, choose a traditional wood finish. 

Your office will feel more lively and playful if you give it a unique personality flair. Choose inexpensive art to add light to the room, or arrange a few mirrors to reflect light. Small mirrors set in a line or cluster can create a lovely display. Each room can be completed with mirrors, wall coverings, and artwork when the walls are empty.

Manifest warm and cozy

There is one answer to adding coziness to your office, and that is a rug. The room is transformed from a workspace to a home with the addition of a rug that grounds and warms it. The size, style, and shape of your rug can all complement the decor of your office. Consider fluffy, sleek, and soft designs. Rugs, which can define and anchor a space, come in various thicknesses and shapes.

Additionally to protecting your flooring from the office chair wheels, it also helps to keep the area visually fascinating. Select rugs with smooth, flatter surfaces that are simple to vacuum and clean, such as low-pile rugs.

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Maintain order.

A quick tidy-up is a different suggestion that will improve the aesthetic appeal. Organize wires with bulldog clips and cable ties to prevent tangles on desks. Use hidden storage spaces in the office, such as the desks’ undersides, for unkempt items. In addition to clearing up the clutter in your office, this will give your staff much more space to work, which will inevitably result in higher productivity.

You and your staff will soon be working in an office space you love thanks to these easy and inexpensive tips, which range from getting rid of desk bins and keeping the trash in one place to getting creative with existing office furniture.

Use Motivational Wall Decorations

Motivational quotes and vibrant canvases are always excellent choices if you’re looking for wall decor ideas. There are TONS of original ideas for office wall decor on Pinterest, and they are all simple to implement with only a modest outlay of funds.

Keep in touch with nature.

The placement of interior plants can transform your familiar working environment into something alive and breathing, which is one way to make your office look awesome. Interior plants add beauty to your workplace and are good for your health overall. 

They provide a visually meditative experience that makes you happier and healthier in the long run. The most crucial aspect of this situation is to ensure that it looks natural, which means that your plants should be placed randomly so that it appears organic rather than rigid or uniform.

Purchase a DIY decoration board.

It’s sometimes nice to look at something other than a screen because we spend most of our time on computers or phones. The office bulletin board can be a great way to inform staff members about upcoming training, fun lunch spots nearby or just a way to get to know coworkers better. With the help of these decoration board ideas, your office will look more lively as you get creative with office communication.

Install mirrors

Mirrors have the power to alter the aesthetic of your workspace completely. They can make space appear larger and make your office appear more refined and professional, making it feel more airy and welcoming. It’s also pretty cool because your staff no longer needs to use the restroom whenever they want to check their appearance before a presentation. Haha


Small-space office interior design ideas

Nobody mandated that offices be closed-off areas. This could be the perfect location to have a small space for resting and relaxing if you have any spare space, especially those “dead” spaces we all have in our offices, like next to the wardrobe, under the stairs, hallways, or extra rooms. 

These are all potential short-term or long-term office locations. It’s ideal if you can find a space next to this window that is large enough to fit a desk. You’re ready to go once you add a stool, a desk lamp, and a comfortable carpet.


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