15 Foods That Aid Weightloss In A Short Time

A topic that is frequently talked about and searched for worldwide is weightloss. The dieticians address a variety of topics and offer advice regarding weight loss. However, there are still a lot of fallacies around this subject. 

According to studies, the majority of people associate weight loss with strenuous exercise, unhealthy eating, and starvation. But this is not right. 

A person can lose weight by: 

  • Cutting calories
  • Exercising according to their body type
  • Choosing healthy foods and exercising portion control
  • Drinking enough water

Above all, one need not starve themselves. Rather, there are specific meals that encourage and hasten weight loss. There is hence no need to be concerned about constantly feeling hungry.

The following are a few of the best foods to include in your diet: 

  • Raspberries 

In terms of fibre content per serving, raspberries rank among the highest. Only 64 calories and 8 grammes of fibre are contained in one cup. Consuming a diet rich in fibre helps to increase metabolism, thereby increasing the number of calories we burn. Consider including it in your morning Greek yoghurt, porridge, or bed of spinach or other leafy greens. 

  • Legumes and Beans

Because of their abundant fibre content and protein level, legumes and beans are also beneficial for your gut and heart health. With so many options, such as lentils, kidney beans, black beans, and chickpeas, you can attempt many easy recipe variants that will make you feel fulfilled and help you achieve your goal. 

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  • Broccoli 

Another vegetable that provides a lot of nutritional value for your money is broccoli. It has a high protein content compared to most other vegetables. It is a good source of fibre, iron, vitamin K, vitamin C, and potassium. It can be included in a variety of dishes, including stir-fries, pasta, pizza, eggs, juice, and more.

  • Pistachios 

Occasionally, a crunchy nibble is all we need. Pistachios are enjoyable to eat, and the effort required to open the shells helps you consume fewer of them. Pistachios are a convenient substitute for highly processed snack items and have fewer calories than other nuts. 25 pistachios provide a decent mix of protein, fibre, and healthy fats for less than 100 calories. 

  • Watermelon 

Keep yourself hydrated, especially if you’re attempting to lose weight, as thirst and hunger cues can feel identical. While it’s true that drinking plain water is essential, 20% of the water we use each day comes from food. Watermelon contains 92 per cent water, as well as vitamins A and C, lycopene, and other anti-inflammatory elements.

  • Tea

Some teas can be consumed without sugar to aid with weight loss, according to studies. They may offer a number of health advantages in addition to the ability to burn fat cells and stop the growth of new ones.  If consumed before night, chamomile tea may help reduce belly fat and enhance sleeping patterns. Black tea, White tea, and Green tea—all of which are high in antioxidants—are known to enhance metabolism and fat burning. 

  • Greek Yoghurt

  • foods that aid weightloss

Yoghurt, particularly Greek or skyr varieties, is an excellent addition to a weight loss programme. They not only contain enough protein to keep people satisfied for a longer period of time but also are natural sources of probiotics (also known as healthy bacteria), which keep your GI system functioning normally. 

Numerous health issues have been linked to having a healthy gut, including improved immunity, happier moods, and better metabolism, all of which may help you lose weight.

  • Fruits 

Fruit is a great method to satiate a sweet tooth without resorting to sugar-filled sweets. You are more likely to consume the recommended number of calories, absorb additional vitamins and minerals, and maintain stable blood sugar levels if you regularly eat fruit.

  • Oats 

Oats made from whole grains are high in fibre, which encourages satiety and keeps us feeling fuller for longer. Furthermore, because whole grains are a type of complex carbohydrate that releases energy gradually, they help manage blood sugar. By reducing cholesterol, oats also help to improve the lipid profile of our blood and support heart health. 

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  • Artichokes 

When marinated in a little olive oil, tossed on a salad, or added to pasta recipes with less sauce, artichokes are delectable. This vegetable is one of the greatest options if you want to increase your intake of fibre because it contains more fibre than any other vegetable. Antioxidants, which are abundant in artichokes and can reduce inflammation to support weight loss, are another benefit. 

  • Turkey and Chicken 

Lean and strong in protein, chicken is the best food for weight loss. When compared to beef, chicken has a higher absorption rate of amino acids, making it a wise choice for gaining or preserving muscle mass. 

As an alternative, turkey is a very lean meat that you can simply use in place of ground beef in your favourite foods.

  • Cottage Cheese

This frequently overlooked treasure is packed with protein, satiating lipids, and calcium. It supports muscle growth and repair, thereby helping with weight loss. Although it tastes great with fruit, on whole grain toast, in oatmeal, or salads, the extremely high protein level helps you feel full between meals. It can also be added to smoothies, eggs, and pancake batter. Just make sure to read the labels and choose a product with little to no added sugar. 

  • Soups 

Without adding bulk or calories to your diet, soups can help you increase your intake of water and nutrients. Select dishes that are more broth-based than cream-based. They are more full and make it simple to incorporate a range of nutrients into a single meal.

  • Pumpkin 

Pumpkin tastes fantastic in soups, smoothies, and pasta sauces in addition to pumpkin pie. It also serves as the perfect accompaniment to any cuisine because it is high in nutrients and low in calories. Pumpkin is strong in fibre as well. It  can enhance the flavour and texture of everything you use it in.

  • Water 

Although not exactly a food, drinking enough water is essential for losing weight! It’s crucial to increase your water intake along with your daily fibre intake. Bloating can be eliminated when water and fibre mix to form a gel-like structure that aids in softening stools and facilitating simpler bowel movements. 


The secret to losing weight safely and sustainably is to fill your diet with as many healthy meals that keep you satisfied (also known as the greatest foods for weight reduction) as you can, rather than focusing on food restrictions. It’s important to know which of these will feed your body while also assisting you in reaching your objective. Also, keep in mind that what works for one person might not work for you. 

Your overall aim should be to reduce weight healthily—not quickly—and to prioritise long-term nutrition strategies over fads.

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