9 Tips on How to Beat Boredom on a Long Flight

If you have ever been on a long flight, you’ll agree that boredom is the most challenging part. You sit for hours in a spot, oblivious of when you will arrive. The most popular way to deal with this is by sleeping. And if push comes to shove, watching a movie.

However, you are surrounded by clouds thousands of feet above sea level, so how do you beat boredom on a long flight? Movies cannot always be relied on. There could be situations where you have already seen the movie provided.

If you’ve been in this situation, keep reading to find more exciting ways to beat boredom on a long flight;

Read a book:

reading on a plane | how to beat boredom on a long flight

Remember that book you always said you’d read but never had the time to? Going on a long flight is the perfect time to cross that off your checklist. Thanks to technology, e-books have come to the rescue, especially when you don’t wish to carry a hardcover around. E-books also allow you to choose from a variety without moving around with a trolley of books.

Reading a good book (not non-fiction on aircraft disasters) will make the flight time look like it passed quickly because, all the while, you were deeply engrossed in the book.

Watch a Film:

It might be cliche, but it’s still one of the most effective, especially when you make a good pick. This could save you a good 2-3 hours. Ideally, one tip to enjoy this is to come with headphones to block out the noise.

Long flights give this ample time you never have at home. You can binge-watch your favorite movie, provided by the in-flight entertainment or your carefully selected picks. 

It is also essential you make inquiries to know if taking a laptop is allowed and if there is provision for WiFi. Armed with this info, you will know if to download movies and series or which in-flight film they have.

Once this is sorted out, sit back and enjoy your flight.

Listen to a Podcast:

Podcasts are the new form of edutainment without you having to look at a screen or page. Podcasts vary from comedy to self-help, politics, music shows, sports, etc. It is both hilarious and informative and is recommended. You will know when the plane lands.

Listen to some new music:

You know that long list of songs you recently downloaded and have not listened to because no time ever seems free. The best time to do so is while on that flight. 

The flight is long. It will be boring if you don’t do something. Your playlist has not been played. Make this a win-win situation as you keep yourself entertained while the plane glides in the air.

Music is food for the soul, and it cools the mind. You will find it soothing and won’t even feel a pinch of boredom.

Snap the view:

Is there a better way to affirm you have been to a place than not providing a picture of it? Pictures speak loud. Beginner travelers see it as a ritual to get a shot from the “bird’s eye,” but over time, they tend to forget as they get used to the air transit.

Taking pictures can go a long way in dispelling boredom. You get to have beautiful angles for the sunset, sunrise, the clouds, the city downward, etc.

Write a journal:

As underrated as this is, avoiding boredom on long flights and recount adventures is recommended. For example, have you ever boarded a flight, and when asked, “how was your journey?”, you give the usual “fine” answer upon arrival? Meanwhile, while on the plane, you took a mental note to relay all your experiences.

Alas! Everything seems hazy, as you can no longer recall. You could journal your experiences as the flight progresses, e.g., a bump in the air that scared everyone, sitting beside a whining older adult, having a very beautiful and hospitable hostess, fair weather or not, etc.

These are topics you can Journal on, and after the flight, you will have a well exciting travelogue. You can also get a Vlog done.

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Playing a game:

There are a variety of games to be played that can make time pass quickly on long flights. However, be careful not to bring games that may appear cumbersome, heavy, or boring.

Get creative with ideas for the games, set intriguing award systems for winners, and gamify the whole process to make it appealing.

Examples of games are; chess, scrabble, cards, monopoly, etc. You can also play online games with your devices.

Move about:

When the urge to move about comes, know you’ve exceeded the limit of boredom and sitting your body can take. You may be down with leg cramps, dizziness, or swollen feet. At this point, get up and move around.

Thankfully, the aircraft has room to walk around; it is balanced, so you will not fall when moving. Walking around is so important to your health (aside from relieving yourself from boredom) that the cabin crew recommends it.

Sitting in one position for too many hours is not recommended, so walk around. You may find something worthy to be snapped or journaled.

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Chat with your neighbor:

chatting with someone on a plane to beat boredom

The importance of connection and interaction must be balanced. Most healthy business and marital relationships today met and interacted on the plane. You’re open to people from different walks of life for an extended period. If well maximized, it can open great opportunities for you.

Your flight neighbor could be someone of prominence, someone who’s like-minded. So you could either be highly graced and placed or partner with him.

Whichever is the case, a cool chit chat with your neighbor can help time fly.

Do something artistic:

You may not know, your best artwork can come from the time spent on long flights. So how will you know if you don’t try?

Before getting on that long flight and anticipating boredom, bring a sketchbook, brushes, and a pencil and make magic. Unlock your creative self. On this long flight, you have hours to spare. Maximize them and create a beautiful piece, well-utilized time, and less boring flight. 

In addition, taking a nap and meditating are ways of eliminating boredom. Also, you can maximize the un-entitled hours that can be used to get the much-needed sleep you’ve been depriving the body of. It is also the perfect time to meditate and reflect.

Other things to note are;

These methods of navigating and surpassing boredom have proven to be effective. So it will be for you, too, so long as you know what works for you.

A person who is not an ardent reader will find ‘reading a book’, and ‘journaling’ ineffective. Instead, music and podcasts will appeal more.

A person with a short attention span cannot retain it for watching an hour-long movie. He may decide to chat with the neighbor instead.

The goal is to get comfortable in what works for you, enjoy your flight and arrive safe and less tired. Unfortunately, boredom also factorizes fatigue, and this article has provided ways it can be eliminated.

The key to achieving this goal is to stay engaged during a long flight and do things you enjoy and things you will originally not have enough spare time for.

Motion Sickness; Causes and Prevention

motion sickness | long flight

While some people deal with boredom and how to find an exciting activity, others struggle with motion sickness. Just as the name implies, it is a sudden change in the health condition of the bearer when he is in transit. It happens when there is a conflict between signals in the eyes, ears, and brain. The symptoms are dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and excessive sweating.

Preventing motion sickness also includes interacting with neighbors on the plane or getting involved in an exciting activity.

Others include; the use of ginger.

It could be ginger supplements, ginger tea, or ginger in itself. 


It is important to note that only some things work for everyone. Be sure to speak with your doctor and find out what suits you best. 

This article only suggests possible ways to overcome your flight challenges (boredom or motion sickness), which have been curated have proper research. Hence, it is pretty recommended.

Have a safe trip!

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