Working From Home? Check Out These Home Office Ideas To Boost Productivity

Whether new to working from home or have been doing so for a while, gathering new home office ideas and inspiration is always a good idea.

Working from home has grown in popularity over the last decade. While it may have seemed impossible to previous generations of workers, many remote jobs are now available for job seekers. And, with so many offices being forced to relocate by 2020, this change could become permanent for thousands of businesses.

Working from home may be more convenient, but it is not any easier than working in an office. Traditional offices typically have desks, chairs, and other furniture that make employees feel at ease, whereas home offices are frequently made up of whatever is available. We’ve found the best home office ideas to maximize your output and help you maximize your workspace. 

7 Home Office Ideas To Boost Productivity

Some changes can be made quickly and home office design ideas for those who want to get a little more serious about their office makeover. Check out our seven home office ideas below and start working at your best today, no matter where you fall.

Don’t Neglect Your Body

Neck and shoulder pain has become a major issue for those working at computers for long periods. And just because you work from home does not mean you should disregard this. 

Whether using a laptop or a monitor, raise the screen to eye level. This eliminates the need to bend your head and put pressure on your neck. The average human head weighs nearly 12 pounds, and bending your neck can add up to 50 pounds of force to your neck. This is bad for your joints and muscles and can also impact your breathing and mood.

If you currently use your laptop’s keyboard and mouse, consider purchasing a laptop stand and a separate keyboard and mouse. These do not have to be expensive purchases, but they can be invaluable to your health. You could also use a book or a box to raise your screens. 

Make a separate office space.

in-house home office idea design

Whether you have a spacious home or a small apartment, it’s important to carve out a dedicated work area separate from your ‘home life.’ If you have the space, a dedicated room set up as an office is fantastic, but even if you don’t, a desk or specific spot at the kitchen table designated for work-related purposes is essential.

This will make you feel like you’re ‘going’ to work every day, even if you’re only a few steps away from your bed! You’ll undoubtedly notice increased focus and productivity when you’re working instead of just sitting around the house.

Make a Bright and Light Vibe

Nothing is worse than working in a dark, gloomy environment unless you work under harsh, blinding lights. Getting the lighting in an office just right can be difficult, but it’s well worth the effort.

First, ensure that your overhead lights are not causing you strain. If the brightness is insufficient, you could replace the bulb. Alternatively, use lamps in addition to – or instead of – overhead lights to help achieve the ideal lighting. Check out smart bulbs for some truly modern home office ideas. They allow you to precisely control how much and what type of light is emitted.

To avoid eye strain, keep your computer or monitor at a similar brightness level to the rest of the room. Place your screens in a location free of glare from windows or lights.

Do You Have Enough Desktop Space?

When you sit down at your desk, you want to be able to work without being interrupted. As a result, you must have enough space at your desk for all of your necessary equipment.

Begin by removing any papers or equipment that you do not use daily. Clutter has a way of making our lives more stressful. The more things we have around us, the less we can focus on a task because our brains are too busy processing everything. 

Check that you can use your computer comfortably. Remove any items that may be reducing the available space. Containers containing stationery, photos, and other mementos may be included. You can move these around the room but keep your immediate workspace clutter-free.

Make It Come Alive

adding a plant - home office ideas

If your desk is looking a little bare, introducing some plant life is a simple home office idea that will boost spirits and work output. 

Bringing a plant into your home office will brighten the space, benefit your health, and improve the air quality. Furthermore, having another living thing in your office makes the space less sterile, which is why many people who work from home enjoy pet company. If you’re not a plant whisperer, consider purchasing a peace lily, spider plant, aloe, or snake plant, which are all low-maintenance and easy to care for.

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Check that you have the necessary technology.

A lack of necessary technology is one of the most significant impediments to a productive home office space. Set up your home office technology exactly as you would in a commercial office, if possible. This will vary depending on the demands of your job, but it may entail installing items such as a phone headset, multiple monitors, a home office printer, or a photocopier/ scanner.

Having the computer programs you’ll need to do your job is also critical. If you’re on a tight budget and need access to all the programs you’d like, you can often find great free or low-cost online alternatives (such as Canva instead of Adobe Photoshop), so be sure to look into your options.

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Add Some Color

Colour is essential when discussing home office design ideas. This is an excellent time to investigate colour psychology, or how colour affects us in everyday life. Colour psychology may be familiar to you from learning about how colour can affect your brand, but it applies to so much more.

Greens and blues, for example, are the best colours for concentration and efficiency. Yellow is an excellent colour for promoting positive, energetic vibes. Meanwhile, a University of Texas study discovered that grey, beige, and white workspaces could make women sad, while purple and orange offices can make men sad.

What works for you may be prioritising one colour over all others while combining them to create a space you adore. Perhaps decorating white walls with bright artwork could add enough colour to encourage positive work habits and high output. Alternatively, adding brightly coloured furniture or soft furnishings such as rugs, wall hangings, or cushions may suffice.

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