5 Secrets To Finding Real Love

Why is it so difficult to find true love? Nowadays, each and every relationship is fairly messed up. Everyone wants to love and be loved but finding real love is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You search for it so long you begin to wonder whether it actually exists. But, it does.

Love is no fairytale. Many look up to bedtime stories narrated by our mother about that perfect love story which had a perfect ending. Welcome to reality my friends because these fairytales only exist in movies and fiction stories. 

Even though many people are pleased living the single life, it isn’t uncommon to feel jealous of happy couples. Feel like you will never find true love? Here are the top five best kept secrets to finding true love:

 Love Yourself

Isn’t it odd that you despise yourself but want other people to love you? Can that even be done? Both men and women are expected to live up to certain standards in modern society. Such standards are nearly unattainable. It is easy to feel insufficient when you think you ‘fail’ to satisfy the world’s standards. You should not dislike yourself just because you are short or dark-skinned.

Loving yourself compels you to prioritise yourself. It enables you to make better choices. You make decisions that enhance the quality of your life. You consider your emotional and physical health paramount. This can help you maintain your confidence and know how to entice somebody to love you. If you want to find true love, you must first love yourself.

Be Open

If you want to meet new people, you should be available to interact and open up. When you meet new people on a regular basis, you increase your chances of meeting your real love. This is why you must be social. If anyone in the coffee queue next to you opens up a discussion, be ready to participate. Join groups and organisations, go to events, and spend as much time as possible with friends.  Whether or not you enter into a relationship with these folks, practise openness anyway. Being at the right location at the right time will allow you to meet the right individuals. 

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Be Authentic

Whenever we meet new individuals, we often feel that if we mask some aspects of ourselves, they might like us even more. We even strive to alter our personalities in some way. If you are compelled to appear to be someone you are not while looking for your partner, you may wind yourself attracting someone that’s not appropriate for you. You should not change your personality, hobbies, or goal to please another individual. 

If you want someone to adore you for who you are, you must be your true self. You want someone who will love you despite your flaws. People are drawn to honest souls. Get to know yourself, accept yourself, and learn to behave and communicate authentically. 

Let go

You don’t need to cling on your past mishaps for an extended period of time. You will rip yourself apart if you put one foot in the future but the other in the past. You won’t be able to progress to bigger things. Honestly, it can be challenging to get over the past and the future can be frightening. However, you have to have faith in yourself. Ride the waves as they come. Be strong. The past must be let go of if you are still clinging to it.Take that step into the future.

Give Love

Even if the person you are giving love to does not return the love, you must still give love in order to receive it. You receive love in return for every act of love you perform. If you want to experience love in your life, you must demonstrate it, even when it’s difficult. Be generous with it. Look for opportunities to make others happy. Whenever you sense a lack of physical affection, try first giving it. Even though reciprocation might not occur immediately away, if you persist, it will eventually result in change. The joy that comes from generously loving attracts others. It sends positive energy and everyone wants to be around positive people. No matter what has occurred, do not be afraid to give love again. 


Apart from wealth and popularity, real love would be one of the things in this life that people most yearn for. Real love is magical. Remain persistent in your search for true love.  Keep these suggestions in mind as you strive to live life to the fullest. Get ready for the moment you meet your soul mate. The love of your life is out there, just keep believing.


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