20 Inexpensive Ways To Make Your House Look Expensive

In a fair scenario, every one would have access to a team of designers to transform our homes into havens of luxury, convenience, and finesse. Sadly, sometimes reality bites us in the arse, and our bank accounts dry out. Fortunately, there are methods to achieve a personalized, expensive look without going overboard. On a tight budget, you may create a room that feels luxurious with a few easy changes and clever style methods.

Give your house a luxurious look without spending much money on a major renovation. With a few simple, inexpensive modifications, your home may look newer, larger, and more upscale. Read on for affordable ideas on giving your home a new style that makes it appear more expensive.

Appeal to the eye with drapes

Many costly, lavish homes feature high ceilings and abundant natural lighting. Hang the draperies and hardware as high and close to the ceiling as you can, but never exactly over the window frame, to trick the eye and create the desired effect. This will make the area appear loftier and attract attention upward. Add sheer drapes to soften the light that enters the space and give it a pleasant, pricey-feeling warmth.

Integrate Palettes

People have used gold as a symbol of riches in their homes for generations. The aesthetic can be easily incorporated into bathrooms and kitchens without overdoing it, and there are some excellent alternatives to obtain the same effect for less. A comparable element of luxury will be provided by hardware, fittings, and furnishings in similar shiny materials such as copper, platinum, or rose gold.

Add a Tile Accent

Add style to your kitchen or bathroom with a striking tile pattern. Choose the consistently stylish and reasonably priced subway tiles if you need to cover a big surface area. Or, if you have a smaller size to cover, think about spending extra on handmade tiles for a more distinctive appearance. Try out several tile arrangements to find which best reflects your taste.

Don’t be afraid to add a touch of nature.

A few houseplants, a bouquet, or a grouping of branches may add fresh greenery to a space.

Simply collecting several branches from a tree in your backyard and placing them in a vase can accomplish the task. Next, we advise placing some of your favorite blooms on the surface of a broad, shallow bowl of water that has been filled about halfway for a simple centerpiece with a refreshing feel.

Choose dried flowers or robust houseplants instead of wilting and neglected plants if you’re concerned about them, and save fresh flowers for exceptional occasions.

Use Aroma Accents

One guaranteed way to relax, create a sense of well-being, and add character to a room is a pleasant fragrance. The rooms you use the most should be filled with fresh, fragrant flowers and your favorite scented candles. Consider using an essential oil diffuser to fill the space with your smell combination. Classic scents like tea tree, lavender, and chamomile give any space a calming and tranquil feel.

Buy coordinating sets for your supplies.

Nothing looks more intentional, organized, and stylish than a set of coordinating jars on a vanity or worktop, although we advise against sets when it comes to furnishing. The appearance is improved by using caddies and bins on shelves or hooking up a utility closet. The update is reasonably inexpensive, but it has a significant overall influence on your bathroom. You’ll have a vacation-like feeling while at home.

Redesign a Bookcase

A home library design is a stunning modern interpretation of a vintage setting, with dark stained wood, a contemporary side chair, and a ladder with straight lines. To break up the monotony of a wall of books, you could either fill it with volumes or add decor highlights and accessories like vases and sculptures. Or, make your books match in color. In addition to seeming more coherent, if your collection has a lot of vibrant hues, they will stick out much more.

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Make exteriors neutral.

By maintaining the exterior entryway in good shape, you can make sure that your home constantly exudes aesthetic street appeal. When the entrance door appears worn, repaint it in black and white to evoke a classic elegance. Pay close attention to the little things, such as the signature hardware, and add some natural elements by placing convenient potted trees or plants. Furthermore, clean the entryway often to keep doormats and tracks free from dirt.

Spice up your entryway 

A neat and uncluttered entrance will go a long way toward making a luxurious first impression. This is especially true in halls with plenty of traffic. Since it is the first room, guests see when they enter the house, regularly purge your coat collection and place your shoes in storage bins or baskets. Choose a conventional table and then hang contemporary abstract art over it for a formal yet contemporary look. Then, lean some portraits against the gallery wall for a relaxed interpretation.

Revive Your Furniture

Reupholstering your furniture will instantly modernize a room. Velvet is typically a fairly pricey option, but it has one of the most opulent looks of any fabric. Fortunately, it’s quite popular now, and several furniture manufacturers offer inexpensive models wrapped in their unique materials. Choose deep jewel tones like teal, emerald green, or amethyst purple when it comes to color, or mix and match. One striking sofa can transform the entire design.

Utilize layered lighting

A light fitting is the one thing that can completely transform a space. Of course, you should have diverse light sources to give the room depth. But you don’t have to break the bank if you want to upgrade your lighting.

As an example? That brass hanging lamp. It contrasts with the more conventional features found around the bedroom and has much more upscale and sophisticated air than a table light would.

Another inexpensive trick that doesn’t involve labor Consider installing plug-in sconces near your furniture for an inexpensive method to refresh the room’s look without having to pay to have a wall rewired.

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Invest in bold art.

Another fantastic living room design concept? A large, eye-catching piece of art can generate conversation and give your living area an instant air of coolness and luxury.

Large-scale art can add a little excitement to a plain wall. Choose panoramic photographs or an abstract, vivid piece of art to make a strong statement.

Change your shutters

Several large stores provide semi-custom window treatments using precise measurements of your window in a range of fabric and trim combinations.

Roman shades and cloth drapes are a thing of the past; instead, choose a window treatment with a different texture, such as faux stained glass, bamboo, or stenciled signs.

Include Cozy Textiles

Textiles with prints and color give the room character. And if the stylish mounted lights and vibrant carpeting aren’t enough, you could also add a pendant that will make people swoon. Even if you’re not a big fan of color, just a few shades that are somewhat different from the neutrals you currently have will breathe new life into the room.

Invest in New Hardware

This is one that you have probably heard before, and for a good cause. You can instantly improve your home for just a few dollars by switching out your outdated gear for more stylish and modern options. Try it on your bedroom furniture, bathroom vanity, or kitchen cabinetry to breathe new life into a dated environment.

Add a rug  

Bohemian? Homely? Conventional? Your room’s look can be drastically altered by the carpeting you choose. Use a striking rug to anchor your furnishings. It ties everything together, establishes the groundwork, and primes the rest of the room for success. A huge area rug will look more opulent and custom since it will accommodate more of your furniture arrangement comfortably and add much-needed warmth, texture, and color.

Incorporate beautiful tones

The days of leaving bland and drab walls are long gone. Rich colors in your home give it an entirely new look and elegant feel. Walls are a very significant aspect of home décor. Jewel tones are returning to home decor after a long reign of pastels, whites, or grey. Rich colors may dramatically change your room while adding vibrant, dramatic sensations. With a range of classic jewel-stirred colors, from warm emerald to sapphire, you can instantly add a touch of luxury to your home.

Change the throw pillows.

Buy them or make your own; throw pillows are a simple way to accessorize and brighten a space. Older throw pillows might be thrown out or sold and replaced with new, vibrant, fuller cushions; alternatively, you could purchase fresh new pillow covers. Blend various groupings and play with color and texture contrast. But more isn’t always better. Make sure not to overdo it with the pillows because there can be too many.

Integrate molding

Consider adding molding to the baseboard, chair rail, or ceiling if your walls are empty, save from the occasional piece of art. It doesn’t even need to be a garish Royal molding; a straightforward piece of molding with a single form and depth will do.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Decorative 

Magazines are a terrific place to find inspiration for room accessorizing and home decorating ideas. The good news is that you can look around for a more affordable version of whatever you see in a design magazine. The price of accessories varies widely, but if you’re seeking fantastic value, several discount home stores provide fabulous finds.


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