Top 15 Places to Spend The holidays in Switzerland

Regardless of its small size, Switzerland is a place to be and a great destination for a vacation. It has excellent, soothing scenery and an amazing transport system. You don’t have to worry about moving from one town to another.

Switzerland is rich in culture, which is why tourists are drawn to it. It is divided into three regions -. German, French, and Italian – determined by the countries they border with, and they have four official languages.

Switzerland is incredibly clean. Tourists are not scared of using the public toilet; it’s spic and span.

They understand their worth, and they work hard to protect their land. The country is made up of different scenic landscapes. Visiting them is like being transported to a different time and age. Their castles look like the ones in fairytales.

As if mountains and castles are not fascinating enough, they also have magnificent waterfalls that attract tourists year in and year out. Take advantage of their food too. Swiss prepare delicious and exotic meals.

Overall, the country is excellent for outdoor activities. However, as one touring or visiting for the first time, here is a compiled list of best places to visit in Switzerland.

The Matterhorn:

This is an iconic tourist point in Switzerland. It is one of the highest mountain Alp reaching about 4500 meters. It has been named the most photographed alps in the world.

At the foot of this mesmerizing peak is a charming village, Zermatt. In it are a top international resort, high-class restaurants, and hotels where tourists can retire at the end of the day. To protect the serenity of the place, motorized vehicles are banned from driving in the village.

There are enough activities to go around. During winter, skiing takes place, and during summer, hiking, swimming, biking, and mountain climbing are in vogue. However, even if you’re not skiing or hiking in the Alps, enjoying the view is soothing enough.


 Trip to Jungfraujoch Mountain | places to spend the holidays in Switzerland

The peculiar thing that keeps tourists giddy here is ‘the train journey to the top of Europe’. The longest glacier trail and Eiger trail are found on this Jungfraujoch.

Tourists enjoy walking on the Panorama way to the sunny first slope facing south. Others may decide to drive gondolas and cable cars.

The most exciting part is that there is enough activity to make a memorable holiday. It is better to document vacations in a journal or a photo book.


Interlaken is one of the most popular drop-byes during the summer holidays. The vista of the mountain is appealing, with flower gardens, hotels, and cafés surrounding it. The mighty peaks of Eiger and Jungfrau give an overhead view of the vicinity. Activities such as hiking and climbing are also enjoyed.

The numerous mountain railways, cable cars, chair lifts, and ski lifts transport the tourists to other sides of the mountain and offer them the opportunity of sightseeing from above. It gives an exhilarating feel entirely. In summer, paragliders are used. Use a paddle steamer around the lakes to enjoy the view from below.

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For Germans, it is Luzerne. Renowned for its musical concerts, it hosts famous soloists, conductors, orchestras, and instrumentalists during its International Music Festival.

Apart from the melodic structure, which attracts tourists, it is also scenic, surrounded by a sparkling blue lake, mountains, a car-free medieval town, and bubbling fountains.

The city’s most famous landmarks are the Chapel Bridge, Dying Lion Monument, and the Swiss Transport Museum.

Château de Chillon, Montreux:

This is the architectural treasure of Switzerland. The Chillon castle has inspired writers and artists for many years.

Highlights of the castle include; the great halls, the magnificent view of Lake Geneva, the Medieval underground rooms, the Chapel, and the bedroom occupied by the Duke of Savoy.

Lake Geneva:

Europe’s largest Alpine lake, with all the peace and serenity you can imagine. The city of Geneva sits between the pretty snow-capped peaks.

The city of Geneva is the European seat of the United Nations, emitting a perfect blend of French and Swiss structure.

Parks, gardens, and the old town surround the lake. All of which are pretty lovely spots to stroll in. The famous Jet d’Eau fountain shoots water 150 meters into the air—an amazing site.

Lake Lugano and Ticino:

Lake Lugano lies on the Swiss/Italian border in Ticino. It is the most significant town in Ticino, the only section that officially speaks Italian in Switzerland. Familiar sights to behold include; flourishing figs, citrus, palm, pomegranates, and snow-capped peaks.

In this vicinity, the presence of Italy is unmistakable in its food, architecture, culture, and atmosphere. Therefore, Italian tourists and fans of Italy will have more fun here. Visitors can explore the sea by touring with boats or steamers. 

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The Rhine Falls:

best places to spend the Holidays in Switzerland

The Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen are the most significant in Central Europe. It spans around 150 meters. The best time to visit is in June or July when the mountain snow thaws and the fall rises to its fullest.

Don’t miss out on boat rides up the fall. It adds colour to the tour and provides an excellent view of the fall.

Swiss National Park:

The Swiss national park has existed since 1914, is located in the Engadine valley and is the oldest reserve along the Alps. The park sits on the border with Italy, taking over 170 square kilometres.

The decor is noticeable in winter when the forested mountains are covered in snow, and the view becomes stunning.

The park houses more than 5000 species of wildlife and more than 100 species of birds. It is a beautiful destination for wildlife photographers and nature lovers.


Bern, the Swiss Capital City, has a lot of tourist attractions waiting to be discovered, including excellent museums. The already discovered ones have brought so much satisfaction to art lovers, from the impressive galleries to the Bern museum of Art.

A family tour will most likely land at Bear Park as their destination. The view of the elegant buildings of the marketplaces is indeed breathtaking.

Bern is a stunning location on the Peninsula of the River Are. Strolling around the medieval streets, visitors can explore the cathedral. It is a wondrous sight to behold.

The Rose garden also offers a view worthy of tourism. Being the Capital City, Bern is not short of expectations in aesthetics.


This is Switzerland’s largest city, a major transportation centre, and usually the starting point of visit for Tourists. Zurich is deeply rooted and rich in cultural treasures. A great place to begin your strolls is the old town, lined with cafés, galleries, and weird shops that amuse tourists. 

The city is endowed with boutiques, museums, art galleries, and many other tourist attractions. Kids will enjoy visiting the Zurich zoo with an elephant park, penguin parade, and Madagascar pavilion. It is worth making the list of top places to visit in Switzerland.

The Albula/ Bernina Railway Line:

It is so prestigious that it is recognized as one of the few railways in the world that offers a majestic ride not to be missed. The route extends between Albula and Bernina landscapes, covering about 122 kilometres.

A ride on this train gives a full, extensive view of the unspoiled mountain landscapes and the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps. The view is just as mesmerizing in summer as it is in winter. Making it one of the perfect places to spend the holidays in Switzerland.

Oberhofen Castle:

Due to the different owners over the centuries, it had varied styles and an increased number of rooms. The result currently adds to its splendour and uniqueness.

The castle also has a living museum in it showcasing the times of the 16th to 19th centuries. History lovers will appreciate stopping over at Oberhofen castle more.

Gruyères Castle:

Gruyères is a tiny town. The cheese factory brought it to the limelight, and visitors now troop in to tour the Cheese factory, the Chocolate factory, and the castle.

The castle also has two small arts and regional museums, which record thousands of tourists yearly.

Stupefying landscapes surround Gruyères, especially the Gorges de la Jogne (Hikers’ favourite). And Mont Moléson (Climbers’ favourite).

Mont Moléson is ideal for skiing in winter and climbing in summer.

Swiss Grand Canyon:

Also known as the Ruinaulta, it is unfathomable by science. The site is a deep valley surrounded by expensive grasses and forested cliffs.

It is located in Eastern Switzerland, and its history can be traced back to 10000 years ago when the Ice Age Rhine dropped back and led to a rock slide. 

The result of the rockslide is the gorge. The water from the rock still fills up the gorge.

Today, the Swiss Grand Canyon is regarded as one of the most beautiful areas in Switzerland and a desired destination for hikers, bird-watchers, and nature lovers. 

It’s possible to glide in the white water here between May and October or rent a canoe or kayak through a calmer course while enjoying stunning views of the cliffs all around.


Choosing the ideal place for your vacation will make the whole period enjoyable. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. All top 15 places to visit in Switzerland have had excellent reviews. So pack your bags, and you’re in for memorable adventures. 


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