Why Trust Is More Important Than Love In A Relationship

When you hear, “Trust is more important than love” do you agree or disagree? Here are our two cents on the topic.

It’s amazing how wonderful love is. Starting a new romantic relationship can seem great with thrilling dates full of laughter, late-night walks, snuggling up on the sofa to watch horror movies, and intense kisses. Being in a relationship without trust, on the other hand, does not feel good.

The truth is that we should always put our trust in someone we love. We must risk having faith in someone or something to maintain a healthy relationship or a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, we make the error of thinking that love is the one force that can conquer anything. This gives us unrealistic expectations and pushes us to embrace the painful reality that love alone is insufficient. Two people may love each other deeply, but they both see that a lack of trust has harmed their relationship.

But what is trust?

Trust is earned via actions. It is the feeling of safety that allows both partners to open themselves without the thought of being judged freely. Trusting yourself, your judgments, and others entails trust. Any connection is built on the foundation of trust. The relationship will be weak without it and will inevitably fail. The most common cause of relationship breakdown is a lack of trust.

It isn’t true love if someone can betray your trust in any way or form.

Don’t believe me? Here are seven reasons why trust is more important than love in a relationship;

  • Without trust, no relationship can last.

Any genuine relationship is built on the foundation of trust. It takes time and effort to build trust in a relationship. Listening and communicating our wants and requirements to our spouses is essential for building trust. Above all else, trust necessitates honesty. Once confidence has been established, it must be sustained throughout. Once trust has been shattered, it is nearly impossible to return to the previous state of affairs without doubt and the dread of trust being broken again. Inconsistencies and uncertainties will be infused into a relationship that lives on lack of trust, forcing both parties to detest one another or the relationship to come to an end inevitably.

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  • Emotions are easier to manage with trust.

It’s all about feelings when talking about relationships. However, when your emotions get out of hand, things can go wrong. We commit ourselves to relevant relationships because we appreciate the person we are getting into a relationship with.

If you truly trust your partner, you can disregard some of their unpleasant behavior because you know them better. If they offend you for any reason, trust allows you to recognize that their actions have a cause—this aids in the development of a good, long-term connection.

In simple words, you could easily detect that your partner has mood swings because they’re hungry and not because they’re talking to someone else, LOL.

  • Trust is not blind, whereas love could be

Initially, trust is an expressive act. We must be open and have faith that someone will appreciate and adore us. When the trust that has been created is broken, however, it is more of a logical and intuitive act. Our faith will not blind us if we ignore the facts. Love, on the other contrary, is blind. Our emotions get the best of us and prevent us from facing the sad truth since we are conditioned to trust someone and believe that they will never betray us. Our love for someone veils our judgment and makes us fearful; damaged trust allows us to see the stark reality of the situation.

  • Communication is improved by trust.

Every form of interaction, whether it’s between two people or between different parts of an organization, requires effective communication. Communication fails when there is a lack of trust between the participants. There’s a fear that what’s said will be used against you or, at the absolute least, won’t be respected. As a result, people will keep secrets from one another, which can only lead to adverse effects in the long run. Miscommunications are more common than you would think. Communication is direct and clear when there is trust.

  • You can’t love someone you can’t trust. 

If trust is present in a relationship, you can be assured that they will not abandon you when it gets rough. A firm relationship is built on trust, and without it, love will die, and the partnership will dissolve.

If you have a strong foundation of trust in your partner, you may rest comfortably so that the relationship will last. Of course, you can’t always predict how a misunderstanding or difference of opinion will turn out, but you know your relationship will survive, and you’ll be together in the end.

  • Trust enables partners to be open-minded towards each other.

You don’t ask questions when you and your partner trust each other.

Although some behaviors will require an explanation, you will not ask inquiries that demonstrate your dissatisfaction with a situation.

Your partner will understand that you should never put yourself in a position where you distrust them.

So that’s what occurs when you trust each other and accept one other for who they are.

You’ve spent time getting to know each other and have decided to be together.

It also implies that you must accept one another.

Accepting them requires you to trust that whoever he is beneath his skin will not shatter your heart.

  • It gives you peace of mind in your relationship.

We all have moments when we question if our partner loves us as much as we love them. Unfortunately, we cannot express our sentiments or shower our relationships with affection due to the daily grind. This can start to create a barrier between spouses. On the other hand, trust assures you that your spouse or partner loves you despite your hectic schedules, conflicts, and arguments.


Love and trust are inextricably linked. Love is impossible to achieve without trust. If the spirit of love and trust is instilled from the start, a long-lasting partnership is easy to develop. Because you can trust someone, you can open up and give yourself to them. Trust is still undoubtedly one of the most essential aspects of a relationship that love should naturally give birth to.

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